Checklist Design

Checklist Design is a collection of best UI and UX practices to provide a complete, honest and rewarding experience for your users. To take in the knowledge of not just what should exist in your solution, but how and why it should be there.

I wanted to make this website for 2 reasons:
• I set a 2019 goal to contribute something meaningful to the design community
• I want to continue pushing designers towards thinking 'production-ready design', rather than what looks good and attractive at face value with no substance

A launch in March led it to be #1 Product of the Month on Product Hunt, being featured across several design forums and blogs and shared across hundreds of thousands designers worldwide.

It's a project I am incredibly proud of and continue to scale in collaboration with the community.

Functional, accessible design!

In its first stages, I wanted to build a simple, straightforward website - a place that had a checklist for UI elements to go on standard pages. Just what you need on the screen, ticked off as you place them on the artboard.

After wireframing a few screens with that idea in mind, the pages quickly felt lacking in presentation and value. There was more potential seen right away, and just focusing on the UI didn't feel like a complete experience.

So I shared the idea around and in my first round of feedback there was clear validation of the idea to not just feature the 'what' of the content, but the 'how' and 'why'. It's what skyrocketed the resourcefulness and educating part of the platform.

Then, I rounded it off with Dribbble shots to visually inspire, a few insightful articles to understand more, and a list of real-world, deployed examples to learn from - the 3 pieces of content I saw could educate in unique ways.

And that's where I ended up with this idea of 'best UI and UX practices'.

Personally, I have found the website has resonated in different ways for designers, which is also what I am most proud of.

Senior designers have acknowledged the need for a resource like this to remind even the best and brightest of the simplest principles. Juniors and beginners have seen this as a resourceful guide to start aligning their design thinking to the correct practices that they will need when designing for a real product that will be launched to real users.

I am incredibly grateful and inspired by the initial response to the website, and am looking forward to expanding the content and materials to educate designers, especially since I'm learning along the way with them all.

Checklist Design is now live at you guessed it -